New Purchase

Joe and Pete are roommates and computer enthusiast and consultants, They share the same computer. Even though they are both in their forties, they spend a lot of time discussing having sex with high school age girls. Joe, unknowing to Pete, uses Pete’s screen name and initiates a relationship on-line with a 14-year-old girl. After gaining the girl’s confidence, Joe tells Pete about the situation. Pete agrees to join Joe when he goes to meet the girl. They bring their digital camera with the intent of taking compromising pictures of the girl. It turns out that the girl is really a member of the local police cyber-crime unit. When confronted Joe and Pete tell the police that they were conducting research for their computer consulting business.

Complete a legal analysis of the fact pattern below. In your answer be sure to IDENTIFY the basic elements presented, DEFINE the elements, APPLY the law to the facts and finally REACH A CONCLUSION as to criminal liability, criminal responsibility and criminal defenses.