Health Care Program

Health Care Programs
The development of diseases or the state of wellness and health are influenced by social, economic, environmental, and demographic factors of a population. As such, population statistics play a major role in determining the health status of a community or the distribution of diseases within that community.

You are the public health officer or health care administrator in charge of finding a prevention and intervention program to address public health issues in your community. You have been asked by your supervisor to create a report on the public health issue that you will be working for.
Based on your findings, express your views on the following:
What are the health problems or issues currently impacting your community?
What is the demographic data of your community as given on the U.S. Census Bureau website?
According to the data related to morbidity, mortality, and prevalence, what are the incidence rates of the diseases in your community?
What are the health care requirements of the community?
How do you plan to assist in the prevention and intervention programs of your community?

Information Security Manager

Suppose that you are currently employed as an Information Security Manager for a medium-sized software development and outsourcing services company. The Software Development Director has asked you to provide a detailed analytical report for her department regarding the most common Web application threats and the manner in which their products could compromise customer financial data. She wants your recommendations on which threats and/or vulnerabilities the company should focus on and your recommendation for mitigation. The products in question use Microsoft SQL Server databases and IIS Web servers.
Write a paper with no less than two to four pages in which you:
1.Analyze the common threats/vulnerabilities to data systems such as Web applications and data servers. Speculate on the greatest area of vulnerability and potential for damage and / or data loss of such data systems.
2.Devise at least one attack scenario, as an example, where a hacker could use the area of vulnerability that you chose above in order to gain access to a network or sensitive data. Examine the primary ways in which the hacker could execute such an attack, and suggest the strategic manner in which a security professional could prevent the attack.
3.Explore the primary role that the human element could play in adding to the attack scenario, if appropriate. You may wish to decide if the human component is critical in protection from that type of attack.
4.Draw specific lessons and recommendations as part of the conclusion, and have a strong concluding paragraph. Be sure to revise your introduction to reflect what the paper accomplished once you finish your first draft.
5.Use no less than 3 to 5 quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:•Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA

Business Organization

1. What is methods analysis? How are flow diagrams, process charts, activity charts and operations charts used to analyze movement and activity?
2. It is said that job expansion has both a vertical component and a horizontal component. Explain, with reference to such terms as job enrichment, job rotation, and job enlargement.
3. What is the form of layout that has traditionally been used to build homes in the U.S.? Justify the layout form you have selected. Many home builders are moving to a different layout form and about one-third of all new homes as now built using this new form. What is it, and why are home builders adopting it?
4. If historical experience data are so widely available and so easy to obtain, why aren’t they more widely used to set labor standards? What additional ways are used to set labor standards and what are their advantages?

Warrantless Searches

In 250 words or more: What types of warrantLESS searches can be performed by law enforcement collecting digital evidence? Give one example for each and reasons why are warrants not required?

Meaning of Liberty

Essay on the Meaning of Liberty
Philosopher John Locke asked: “If a man in the state of nature is free, if he is absolute lord of his own person and possessions, why will he give up his freedom? Why will he put himself under the control of any person or institution?”John Locke’s answer was: “that the rights in the state of nature are constantly exposed to the attacks of others. Since every man is equal and since most men do not concern themselves with equity and justice, the enjoyment of rights in the state of nature is unsafe and insecure. Hence each man joins in society with others to preserve life, liberty, and property.”
In at least 500 words answer the following questions:
In your own words, what is freedom? (*Note: dictionary definitions of the word freedom will not be accepted).
In your own words, what is liberty? (*Note: dictionary definitions of the words liberty will not be accepted).
Does your definition of freedom agree with Locke’s definition of freedom? Why or why not?
Does your definition of liberty agree with Locke’s understanding of liberty? Why or why not?
John Locke argues that freedom and liberty are very different things. Do you agree or not? Why or why not?
Finally, how did these ideas of liberty and freedom connect to the creation of the Constitution?
Please note: In text citations and references are needed.

Case Study Unit II

Use the Meredith, J. R., & Mantel, S. J., Jr. (2012). Project management: A managerial approach (8th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley and review Chapter 2, “Strategic Management and Project Selection,” Pan-Europa Case Study, pp. 82-89. Once you have reviewed the case study, prepare a minimum of 600 words in length defending your response to the following questions:
 Strategically, what must Pan-Europa do to keep from becoming the victim of a hostile takeover? What should Pan-Europa do now that they have won the price war? Who should lead the way for Pan-Europa?
 Using net present value (NPV), conduct a straight financial analysis of the investment alternatives and rank the projects. Which NPV of the three should be used? Why? Suggest a way to evaluate the effluent project.
 What aspects of the projects might invalidate the ranking you just derived? How should we correct for each investments time, value of money, unequal lifetimes, riskiness, and size?Lastly, reflect on the assignment and come up with a view on the screens and criteria to be used for the project selection process. Apply the criteria and make a project selection.
Your assignment must:
 Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format.
 Include a cover page containing the tile of the assignment (Unit II Case Study), the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page.Please note: In text citations and references are needed.

Probation and Ultimate Firing

Research two (2) articles discussing the probation and ultimate firing of former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight. Why did the University take the action it did? Include a discussion of agency law, potential liability and the rights of Coach Knight with regard to his employment contract. In addition, include a discussion of the Christian approach to employer/employee relations.

Presentation Rationale

Need a presentation rationale done on service dogs for kids with autism.
Thesis: Research suggests that getting an autistic child a service dog can increase social skills and decrease stress.

CIA Case Study

Teaching Case
Bank Solutions Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuity: A Case Study for CSIA 485

Read the Case Study. Determine the information technology/security gaps and develop a security strategy that includes issues relating to confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA), and that includes the key elements relative to People, Process, and Technology.
Step 1: Describe the key issues/challenges/risks from this case study.
Step 2: Based on the information provided in the case study, describe and document the recommended security strategy to mitigate the issues/challenges identified.
Step 3: Describe the proposed security solutions and relationship to the case study.
Step 4: Document a detailed, proposed timeline for addressing each element of the strategy that you identify. Provide estimates for implementing recommended strategies, with rationale. Include what resources are necessary for completing each task in the timeline.
Step 5: Provide a high-level recommendation regarding the next steps to take in mitigating risks identified.
The deliverable for this case study assignment will be a minimum 5 page, double-spaced paper using Times New Roman 12 font and APA style formatting for citations and references. It will also include a minimum of 5 references. The Title/Cover page, illustrations (tables/charts/graphs), or references are not part of the page count but are required for the assignment.

Legal Analysis

Joe and Pete are roommates and computer enthusiast and consultants, They share the same computer. Even though they are both in their forties, they spend a lot of time discussing having sex with high school age girls. Joe, unknowing to Pete, uses Pete’s screen name and initiates a relationship on-line with a 14-year-old girl. After gaining the girl’s confidence, Joe tells Pete about the situation. Pete agrees to join Joe when he goes to meet the girl. They bring their digital camera with the intent of taking compromising pictures of the girl. It turns out that the girl is really a member of the local police cyber-crime unit. When confronted Joe and Pete tell the police that they were conducting research for their computer consulting business.

Complete a legal analysis of the fact pattern below. In your answer be sure to IDENTIFY the basic elements presented, DEFINE the elements, APPLY the law to the facts and finally REACH A CONCLUSION as to criminal liability, criminal responsibility and criminal defenses.