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Read the following scenario: You are a manager  or supervisor of a company, and you need to  acquire trainers to train your staff on using

Microsoft(r) Office(r) programs. You must request  proposals from various training companies and  trainers to fill this need. Write a 3- to 5-page request (RFP) and include the following:

Introduction to the company description of your  company

Your company's business goals Introduction to the project

Project goals

Time allocated to complete the project

Budget project

Description of the needed training Administrative  information Desired qualifications Requirements  and submitting proposals Confidentiality notice of  all proposal submissions Employer and  organizational reference requirements Contact  information or questions Deadline submission  Timeframe selection Selection criteria Other items  that may be important candidates Format the RFP  using examples from your textbooks or additional  research and consistent with APA guidelines. The  following must be included: Cover page Page  numbers Headers and footers Headings.


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As a final deliverable for the HWBS team, they have asked for a description on how they can configure the Linux (and Web server) to provide maximum security.

Take this opportunity to describe to the project team how access security can be implemented when running a Web server on a Linux machine.

The description should include the following:

Process isolation (effective user rights)

File system

Remote access

Other recommendations you have Adhere to MLA  formatting and reference guidelines.


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In 1,250-1,500 word essay, define and describe  the concepts of values and moral development.

Determine the ways in which these concepts differ  (and perhaps overlap). Specify the impact of  values, moral development, and related issues on  the classroom environment, the hidden  curriculum, and instructional activities.

Use the GCU eLibrary to research a minimum of  three to five peer-reviewed articles that can be used in support of your content.


Create a class activity at your grade  level that uses values, knowledge, and  participation in the community to promote citizenship. Describe the activity's specific purpose, its rationale, the values and knowledge it conveys, and your proposed implementation  process.

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Building an Access Control System


As a member of the Information Security team at a

small college, you have been made the project

manager to install an access control system

(ACS) in a dormitory. The ACS will automatically

unlock the dormitory doors via an electronic

proximity reader and integrate with an existing

security camera system. The cameras are

designed to face and rotate to record a person as

they use their identification card to unlock the


Create a 3-4 page project plan project in which  you:

1.Include a one-half page project scope  statement.

2.Define five (5) major tasks, each with one to two  (1-2) subtasks. Also write a brief description task.

3.Create a Gantt chart illustrating the project tasks  (use Microsoft Project or a similar project  management program).

4.Create a system diagram illustrating the  equipment and connections required project (use  Microsoft Visio or a similar software package).

Your assignment must:

•Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New  Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on  all sides; citations and references must follow  APA or school-specific format. Check with your  professor additional instructions.

•Include a cover page containing the title of the  assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s  name, the course title, and the date. The cover  page and the reference page are not included in  the required assignment page length.

•Include charts or diagrams created in Excel,  Visio, MS Project, or one of their equivalents such  as Open Project, Dia, and OpenOffice. The  completed diagrams/charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted.

The specific Course Learning Outcomes associated with this assignment are:

•Distinguish between non-functional and  functional requirements.

•Use contemporary CASE tools in process and  data modeling.

•Use technology and information resources to  research issues in systems analysis and  development.

•Write clearly and concisely about Systems  Analysis and Development topics using proper  writing mechanics and technical style  conventions.


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Discuss some techniques American Airlines uses in order to reduce costs and increase profits. The task activity goes beyond inventory management (although inventory management may be one technique.)

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1. What are  the differences between a direct cost and an  indirect cost? Which is the more difficult cost to track?  Why? How do indirect costs affect the cost of a  product? Should indirect costs be included in  product cost? Why or why not?

2. What are the differences between job- cost and process-cost systems? When would it be appropriate to use each type of system? How does each system  affect the cost of a product?

3. What are some of the key differences  between financial and managerial accounting? How  do these differences impact the type of information that must be gathered and reported? What are the different types of decisions that users of financial accounting information must  make? What are the different types of decisions that users of managerial accounting information  must make?


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