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Topic: The advantages of breast feeding in human and animals, how soon can you finish as my teacher didn’t approve the GMO thesis you did for me she wanted another topic.

1. A thesis statement:

The thesis statement takes a stance on one side of an issue or a solution to a problem. It sets the stage for the whole paper. The job of the body of the paper is to argue that point by presenting an analysis and drawing a conclusion.

That means this IS NOT a general research paper, you have to have some kind of any opinion or idea to defend or “attack”.
•see links in the Mod 4 folder for additional help

2. A FOUR (4) – section outline, with at least 2 subtopics each.

For example: Thesis statement – Why a thesis paper is not a general research paper. (Not a great thesis statement, but it will serve )
•1. Characteristics of research papers
•1. content
•2. format
•2. Characteristics of thesis papers
•1. content
•2. format
•3. etc.

3. FIVE (5) Citations: Your proposal must include at least 5 sources (including at least 3 scientific JOURNAL quality sources). Try to avoid the popular press. You will build on this for your final paper.

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