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1) What views on slavery did Lincoln develop as a young man and a young legislator in Illinois?

What legislation did he oppose with regard to slavery in the legislature?


Who were the primary instigators and supporters of the Compromise of 1850?

What motivated them?

What elements made up the compromise?

Why did it ultimately fail?

3) Explain the Dred Scott decision. What were it’s major findings? How did it affect slavery?

What was Lincoln’s response to the decision?

4) How did the Kansas Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott Decision draw Lincoln b back into politics after he had semi retired from political life?

How did the Lincoln Douglas debates and the Cooper Union speech help make Lincoln a serious presidential candidate?

What circumstances led to his election in 1860?

How did Jefferson Davis become the President of the rebelling southern states?

5) What was the proposed “Crittenden Compromise?” How did Lincoln react to the proposal?

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