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Physical Security Simulation Report Compose a report on student experience in performing the Physical Security survey.

Students will write a 250–500 word report (double-spaced) on experiences in the Physical Security Simulation.

Note: The correct information for the physical security survey is provided at the end of the simulation. The people who were interviewed were aware ahead of time that the survey was to take place and were also aware of the problems of concern to management.

Students should focus on the problems of acquiring good information through a physical security survey. Did the people you interviewed mislead you (either intentionally or unintentionally)? How did you go about obtaining good or correct information?

The purpose of this project is to make students aware of some important issues that arise in a facility security survey.

Grading Rubric for this Assignment:

Quality of content: 100% of points; however, points will be deducted for poor grammar and punctuation.

Note: Point deductions beyond this rubric can be made for work that does not have the minimum word count and/or if the work is not original (meaning written exclusively by the student).

In this simulation, you will take on the role of an apprentice security consultant in your first big assignment. Your experienced mentor will be there alongside you to guide you with valuable hints as you explore the clients’ business locations. You will have opportunities to interview employees and survey rooms and offices through a click able interface that provides informative feedback. Roughly 35 minutes of activity.

Physical Security Simulation Instructions (Click on the link to view the instructions) Note: This simulation has audio, so please make sure you are on a computer with sound capabilities.

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